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Scrolling through television channels one day, I came upon a famous doctor talking about the ideas in her most recent best-seller. She was addressing a large audience of her biggest fans. I was interested in her subject – women and aging – because, let’s admit it, I am both! I wanted to see if I […]

5 Questions About … TAI’s Leadership Persona Program As individuals move up in their organizations, they experience a new set of demands.  Their identities as leaders must come through in a greater range of situations.  They are challenged to become more flexible, creative and insightful in dealings with clients and with colleagues.  In short, they must […]

5 Questions About … the Communicating with Power & Presence Workshop   Communicating with Power & Presence is one of TAI’s longest running programs. Senior Coach Sam Carter shares with us the history of the workshop and his experiences in this edition of 5 Questions About.     How did Communicating with Power & Presence (the P&P) come […]

 It was a Saturday afternoon, about 1:30, on a beautiful winter’s day and I was getting on the 86th Street bus. If you have ever been on this bus, you know it is full of New Yorkers as well as tourists. I knew this was not going to be your typical bus ride.  The driver […]

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I have worked with many coaches...I find what TAI does more genuine and more effective than other approaches
Carl Stern, Former Chairman of the Board, The Boston Consulting Group