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I didn’t believe an experiential workshop could work for seventy people. I didn’t realize a keynote address could take this shape. I underestimated the appetite of an audience for engagement.   I always ask my audiences what surprised them. Surprise can put you into a creative space, although it is often unexplored and rarely investigated. […]

Scrolling through television channels one day, I came upon a famous doctor talking about the ideas in her most recent best-seller. She was addressing a large audience of her biggest fans. I was interested in her subject – women and aging – because, let’s admit it, I am both! I wanted to see if I […]

Ah, the first fine spring day, early evening. Every little while, between the sounds of low-flying jets overhead, parents calling out to kids, and dogs barking, I can hear birds singing. I look up at the blue sky through the leaves and pretend I’m in the country. I’m not, though. I’m in New York City, […]

In August, I was invited by the incredibly kind and talented people at the TAI Group in New York to attend their two-day workshop on Presenting with Power & Presence. Having collaborated with TAI on client engagements, I was familiar with their unique brand of presentation training, largely influenced and informed by the principles of the performing […]

  Sandra Carey  Director / Senior Coach  Have you had that dream? The one where you’re on stage, about to give an important speech and you suddenly realize you’ve forgotten the entire English language? Stage fright is the stuff of nightmares for many folks, but with practice and the right direction, it’s a phobia that […]

5 Questions About … TAI’s Leadership Persona Program As individuals move up in their organizations, they experience a new set of demands.  Their identities as leaders must come through in a greater range of situations.  They are challenged to become more flexible, creative and insightful in dealings with clients and with colleagues.  In short, they must […]

At the beginning of November, The New York Times carried this article titled Mindfulness: Getting Its Share of Attention In my UK Sunday Observer the headline got transposed to ‘Today’s Must-Do: Nothing.’ It seems everybody suddenly wants a piece of Presence. The fundamental principles of presence, mindfulness and connection are not new ideas. They sit […]

When we received the invitation to participate in the online tele-summit “Stories Sell -Tell Yours Well: Discover How You Grow Rich through the Secret Power of Your Story,” one of our favorite storytellers came immediately to mind.  Sandra Carey, Senior Coach and Account Director, has a deep appreciation for language and the power of words.  […]

5 Questions About … TAI’s “Shining the Apples” Program  Developed by Senior Coach and Account Director Ellen Rievman, Shining the Apples is a program series for high potential leaders within a company.  Participants begin their work with a full day workshop about Communicating with Power and Presence.  Each participant then receives 4 private sessions with a […]

CEO Gifford Booth takes us on a journey at the 2013 TEDxTeachersCollege at Columbia University’s Teacher’s College. In his talk, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Direct Your Attention,”  he joyfully confronts stagefright and the power of being present both personally and in the professional world.     TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to […]


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