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I didn’t believe an experiential workshop could work for seventy people. I didn’t realize a keynote address could take this shape. I underestimated the appetite of an audience for engagement.   I always ask my audiences what surprised them. Surprise can put you into a creative space, although it is often unexplored and rarely investigated. […]

My coaching clients often use what they practice at TAI to successfully navigate significant transitions in their careers and lives. For one, it might be an opportunity to move up within his or her organization. For another, it might mean a downsizing situation and a search for a new position. And for yet another, it […]

I know that the root of the word courage comes from the French word “coeur” which means “heart,” but I think courage must come from the stomach as well. When talking to my clients, and to myself, I think of it this way: do you have the stomach to follow your heart? When the signals […]

Do you remember that iconic scene from the film classic Taxi Driver when DeNiro’s character, Travis Bickle, taunted the image in the mirror? Three times he asks the imaginary speaker “You talking to me?!” before losing control and demanding to know, “Well, who the hell are you talkin’ to?” Have you been held captive in […]

I’ve been thinking about my personal impact recently and have come to a curious conclusion. My ability to have an impact is inversely proportional to how hard I try to have one. Years ago, I was in graduate school. A professor stopped me after class and said, “Do you know how much influence you have […]

So, we’ve created participation by connecting with our listeners.  That’s a great first step, and you are probably seeing a shift already.  Now, how do you create partnership?  How can you get them to invest in your presentation so that your vision becomes a shared goal?  Stand for something! Never give a talk, lead a […]

Far too frequently when working with a high-level leader, I utter the words, “You just interrupted me.” The response? “Oh, really? Well, I just wanted to save time and make you aware of this other situation…” My response? “Right, and I was in the process of telling you exactly about that ‘other situation’ but because […]

How many times have you each stood in front of a group of people and looked out at what seemed to be nothing but blank faces? Whether you are trying to convince the audience of a new idea, engage them in a new process or inspire them to take an action, it can sometimes feel […]

I have discovered that running a company is like doing a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle in zero gravity. If you are lucky, you can glimpse the top of the puzzle box to see the completed picture before it floats out of view forever. And then, once you lay out all of the pieces, not only […]

Scrolling through television channels one day, I came upon a famous doctor talking about the ideas in her most recent best-seller. She was addressing a large audience of her biggest fans. I was interested in her subject – women and aging – because, let’s admit it, I am both! I wanted to see if I […]


I have worked with many coaches...I find what TAI does more genuine and more effective than other approaches
Carl Stern, Former Chairman of the Board, The Boston Consulting Group