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My coaching clients often use what they practice at TAI to successfully navigate significant transitions in their careers and lives. For one, it might be an opportunity to move up within his or her organization. For another, it might mean a downsizing situation and a search for a new position. And for yet another, it […]

Scrolling through television channels one day, I came upon a famous doctor talking about the ideas in her most recent best-seller. She was addressing a large audience of her biggest fans. I was interested in her subject – women and aging – because, let’s admit it, I am both! I wanted to see if I […]

Ah, the first fine spring day, early evening. Every little while, between the sounds of low-flying jets overhead, parents calling out to kids, and dogs barking, I can hear birds singing. I look up at the blue sky through the leaves and pretend I’m in the country. I’m not, though. I’m in New York City, […]

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    Welcome to the first episode in our five part  podcast series inspired by Allen Schoer’s probing blog post, “Leadership…Why?” In this episode, TAI founding member Diane Seymour shares some personal stories and perspectives on leadership from her roles as a coach, a playwright, and bossy third-grader.  To learn more about Diane Seymour please […]

click here to read the article on website Speaking in front of others is something many of us have to do at some point, formally or informally, and sometimes it can be difficult. Diane Seymour is a founding member of the TAI Group. She helps clients deliver their full presence and personality for speeches […]


I have worked with many coaches...I find what TAI does more genuine and more effective than other approaches
Carl Stern, Former Chairman of the Board, The Boston Consulting Group