“You talking to me?”

Do you remember that iconic scene from the film classic Taxi Driver when DeNiro’s character, Travis Bickle, taunted the image

Sandra Carey and Storytelling

When we received the invitation to participate in the online tele-summit "Stories Sell -Tell Yours Well: Discover How You Grow


  Bernie Mulvaney talks with Sandra Carey in this fourth installment of the LEADERSHIP...Why? podcast series. Rooted in listening to

First Stop…India

Flight to India was uneventful after a delayed departure due to technical problems. A bit disconcerting to witness two men

Last Day in India

The “Meet TAI and Experience Our Work” workshop that was supposed to happen in New Delhi didn’t. Why? Because it

Hong Kong

Arrived in Hong Kong to meet with my client Bill. He had his sixth of seven coaching sessions. In addition

Arrived in Seoul

My coaching sessions today were good, but a challenge. Notion of demand and being explicit and direct is a difficult

Time in Tokyo

I had excellent sessions with Kaname and Tomio. This trip is session 7 of 8 for Speaker Development and the

From Tokyo to Singapore

My last scheduled coaching in Singapore was with Clark. His session was supposed to happen in Auckland, where he recently