The Essential Drivers

The Essential Drivers

Leaders who are authentic and emotionally attuned can make demands, engage their people, and encourage their teams to produce high-level results in a culture that is energized and motivated; the exact opposite of producing results in a culture that breeds dysfunction, burnout and continual attrition. Leaders who break down a me-first, silo-mentality into an atmosphere of alignment can achieve success that far outruns expectations.

The Essential Drivers program mines the meaning and motivation under your every action, decision and interaction. Clarity and self-confidence grow as a result. Articulating and codifying the elements essential to you allows you to look to your own inner resources with confidence in their ability to guide you in the execution of your plans.

When leaders allow these Essential Drivers to form the foundation of their Personal Leadership Platform, their ability to create powerful working relationships with others accelerates. As they begin to articulate this platform to individuals and teams, communication stops being purely transactional and becomes a reciprocal dialogue. Their ability to create alignment between individuals and among team members yields high performance.

The Essential Drivers program consists of four two-hour sessions, done virtually or in-person. The first two sessions are an exploration of personal drivers and motivations. The final two sessions are a practical application of these drivers and motivators leading to the development of a Personal Leadership Platform.

This process can be a stand-alone experience or the beginning of a customized coaching program. 

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