High Impact Communication Workshops

These programs can be customized as half and full day offerings.

What's The  Point?

There are thousands of PowerPoint presentations made and delivered every day but so often the message is lost in a flood of data presented in tiny print on far too many slides. Learn to create PowerPoint presentations that define your expertise and engage your audience so that they remember what you want them to know.


Transforming Difficult Conversations

Turn difficult conversations into opportunities to build better relationships with your listeners, enroll people in your cause, or facilitate a colleague’s growth. Practice structuring dialogue, staying poised and in control, and getting your message across to connect with listeners in new ways.

Effective Facilitation

Step into your next facilitator role at panel discussions or brainstorming sessions with a clearer sense of purpose and understanding. Fine-tune your listening abilities so you can be both prepared and flexible. Practice techniques that skilled facilitators rely on to create fruitful and productive group dynamics.

Leading Interactive Discussions

Learn how to raise a topic, tell stories to set the context, invite everyone to participate, and pull out your listeners’ responses. Practice investigating, eliciting, reflecting back and synthesizing – in other words, become the orchestrator – so that new insights for the entire group arise from the interactions you lead.

What's the Message?

This interactive workshop introduces The Trio of Demand: What is your message in one sentence? What do you want to cause in your audience? What is the specific action you want them to take when you finish speaking? Experience how using The Trio effectively will guide you in crafting your content and landing your message.

Perfect Pitch

Rehearse your team members in their specific roles and present to prospective clients in a unique and creative way. Bring your ideas to life with stories and images that leave a lasting impression. Create trust and credibility and strengthen the presentation skills of everyone on your team to make the sale.