Our work is rooted in high-performance outcomes

Over the past 30 years, we’ve developed a multidisciplinary approach.  Our work incorporates inquiry and learning process, art-based performance theories and techniques, communications, ethics, philosophy and psychology.

People learn best by doing. Our experiential approach combines inward reflection and dynamic change in a continuous feedback loop.

You will experience:

• Increased clarity of vision
• Enhanced abilities to listen and create relationships
• Strengthened levels of demand
• Greater positive impact
• More willingness to express creative ideas

Individuals and teams will:

• Share new alignment and purpose in engaged and inspired ways
• Show greater trust in each other – things happen faster
• Take new levels of ownership – people become accountable and reliable
• Become willing to take risks – communication and creativity flow, people ask new questions


Real-World Focus

Focused on practical change, our work takes your immediate business imperatives as its starting point. We enjoy working in partnership with our clients. We develop customized approaches to increase personal and organizational effectiveness by changing organizational culture, and maximizing team performance and leadership.

First, we find out what’s working for you and your organization. This shift in focus makes an immediate and powerful difference – allowing change to come from within. It increases substance and presence for managers and leaders, creates stronger alignment in and across teams, produces new energy, vitality and creativity, and makes for more effective communications.

Our methodology helps groups and individuals develop the capability to communicate more effectively with internal and external audiences. Additionally, our high-level development coaching enhances personal creativity, impact and leadership.

Step 1: Diagnosis and Design

The discovery process involves such questions as:

•What is at the core of what you want as an individual or an organization?
•What are the values underlying these essential needs?
•What is stopping you or the organization from getting where you want to be?
•What will you or the organization look like when you get there? How will you have changed what you do?

Step 2: Engagement

We build on what works, as well as focusing on problems that have to be solved. This means a confidential and supportive environment, focused on practical action. We help guide you through a discovery and feedback process which enables powerful transformation, and helps participants to:

•Understand essential drivers
•Understand business imperatives
•Recognize new capabilities and capacities
•Understand new impacts and ways of behaving

Step 3: Monitoring

New patterns of behavior in management and leadership settings can have immediate and powerful impact. But to become embedded, change requires practice and regular feedback. Groups and organizations both need time and commitment to shift habits and ways of behaving that have often built up over years.

Step 4: Review and Adaptation

Throughout an engagement, our review process ensures continuing alignment between the dynamic change process and overall organizational objectives. This process is carried out through a combination of informal feedback and formal review, and in an environment designed to lead to collaborative adaptation of both objectives and program design.