The Backstory
A leading metropolitan hospital with an international reputation was facing serious organizational challenges resulting from rapid expansion. The hospital had acquired several smaller hospitals, leaving employees feeling insecure and mistrustful. In addition, significant administrative and operational problems were surfacing.

TAI’s Role
Following a deep analysis and detailed interview process with employees at several levels, TAI discovered internal communication was minimal, with no alignment, fostering a disjointed, uncooperative culture.

TAI proposed a new collective vision, built from the ground up by the entire hospital. We started at the top, working with senior executives one-on-one, and with the employees of the division as a whole, to identify and articulate this vision.

More than 250 people, from secretaries, accountants and managers, to the most senior executives, were involved in the investigation process. Employees at every level soon discovered their own personal values were more fundamentally aligned with those of the hospital than they had believed. This lead to a set of group organizational values (with participants making specific commitments to implement in their daily work) and one over-arching Vision Statement, a grass-roots declaration covering the entire organization.

The Results: A New, Shared Vision, a Healthier Working Environment
After implementing TAI’s plan, a new found spirit immediately emerged in the hospital. People began to collaborate and work more productively and efficiently. Because team members developed the group vision as active participants, they were motivated and willing to work together, forming a deeper connection to the organization and its goals. The previous culture of low morale and suspicion was replaced with a culture of discovery, excitement, commitment, collaboration and openness.

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