The Backstory
The new CEO of a large, privately held energy company faced unique challenges after assuming the role from her late and charismatic husband, who had founded the business.

Striving to emulate the successful management style of her spouse, she searched without success for a voice and style of her own. When a company board member suggested that TAI could offer valuable insights and improve her communication and presence, she contacted us and the work began.

TAI’s Role
After extensive evaluations, it was clear the new leader needed to communicate her platform and messages more effectively, grounding them in her own experiences. TAI began by helping her learn and practice foundational presentation skills, including connecting with an audience in terms of delivery and understanding the principles of crafting content.

To increase her comfort level with her own stories and experiences, we practiced speech writing and storytelling until she was able to authentically present herself as a leader in her own right. We helped bring imagery and atmosphere to her stories so she could speak to constituencies in ways that were engaging while also conveying her authority and leadership. In the process, she discovered an inspired, confident, personal style, based on her own professional experiences and unique insights.

The Results: A Confident New Voice, a Confident New Company Leader
With her newly-discovered voice she confidently began to shape the direction of the company. Her improved ability to deliver messages directly and with clarity allowed her to gain buy-in when implementing strategic initiatives. She replaced the company’s centralized organizational structure with new independent reporting lines. Company revenues and profits have increased significantly and she and her new senior team continue to work with TAI to develop their capabilities.

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