The Backstory
A global chemicals company acquired a smaller competitor and performance soon suffered. Salesmen at the acquired company were uncooperative, clashing with company leaders and staff, and badmouthing the new parent company to their clients.

The head of the sales division had to address this disruptive behavior quickly, present a clear strategy and convey a “get on board” message to everyone. A previous experience with TAI convinced him we were the right partner to help resolve the conflict.

TAI’s Role
TAI started with in-depth character analysis of all the players in the acquired company, determining each person’s motivators, concerns and fears. We encouraged them to first look at themselves not as a company but as individuals with their own values and beliefs.

We then formulated a plan for the sales division leader to approach these disgruntled employees and articulate a strategy and vision for moving forward. Sabotaging behavior would not be tolerated. And there would be no room for disengaged employees.

Following a “settling down” period, we began to work with those key players who remained. These leaders now needed to lay out the company strategy to their own employees. We worked with each person’s own values and determined where they fit with the company’s values and objectives. As the message was communicated further down the chain, it stayed strong and focused, rather than becoming lost in translation. The essential groundwork of aligning personal and company values paid its dividend, and the buy-in needed from line employees was strong.

The Results: A Textbook Success Story, with Everyone on the Same Page
Thanks to TAI’s work identifying personal values that align with the company’s vision and values, the buy-in needed from new employees was strong and the merger proceeded smoothly. Participants said that as a result they experienced a significant shift in their commitment to their new roles. Sabotage stopped. Sales increased and a healthy new culture of collaboration, listening, and accountability blossomed.

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