About TAI’s Work

Everyone has something unique to contribute. Something that is truly their own. TAI helps you to unearth your own essence, and to discover the power of that authenticity.

SOURCING YOUR POWER: Helping you find and use your own

authenticity is what makes TAI’s approach effective.


OUR CLIENTS: Graeme Thomson on the needs of organizations

that find TAI a powerful business partner.



motivates people keeps clients coming back to TAI.


BODY OVER MIND: At first, the TAI approach may appear
but it goes well beyond that.



result in better presentations, but it certainly isn’t just about that.

On Creativity

Many people will tell you they are not creative, because that’s what they have been told. In fact, for these people, their own self-perceptions and the “white noise” of everyday life merely obscure their abilities to think creatively – a capability we all possess, but few access.


creativity is an elemental force all of us can tap.


THE CREATIVE SPARK: Many of us don’t believe we’re creative.
Allen Schoer talks about the moment of reawakening.


DIGGING IN: Uncovering your personal creativity is TAI’s mandate.

On Communication

Without an engaged audience, you are literally talking to yourself. We often speak about being “in relationship” with our audience – communication occurs in the space between the speaker and the listener.

WHAT IF: The secret to successful communications lies in
collaborating with your audience’s imagination.

On Learning

Most people think learning is an entirely cognitive process. In our work, you learn by what you experience, not simply by what you’re told. This “neck down” experiential learning – bypassing the tollbooth of the mind – is critical to our approach. We call it the “trickle up” theory; in our experience, it is far more effective than “trickle down.”

PROMISE: CEO Allen Schoer discusses the promise our approach

holds for everyone.


OVERCOMING LIMITATIONS: TAI opens up new possibilities
when you have put limits on who you can be.

On Tapping into Imagination

In many organizations, the noise of conflict covers up the possibilities. Our job is to clear away the debris that saps potential, freeing the “what ifs” to energize both the individual and the organization.

REACHING THE IMAGINATION: In some organizations,
we see conflict on the surface, but alignment in deeper ideals.


TWO LITTLE WORDS: What’s the signature of the imagination? “What if?”

On Vision

You do not guide vision. Your vision and your creativity guide you. Each of us has a unique way of seeing the world — it is the source of all our actions, motivations, missions and values. When we are in sync with our own personal vision, effectiveness and impact increase everywhere.

DIGGING DOWN: Allen Schoer discusses the impact
of helping clients find their true voices.