Leadership is not a title. It is not a position to be obtained. Leadership is the process of constantly investigating what is happening in you, what is happening around you, and acting from what you discover.  

What if you were able, even for a few moments, to let go of the roles imposed upon you and experience yourself acting from your own vision, focusing on what you value and experiencing the kind of impact you desire? Your definition of yourself as a leader would expand and your effect on those around you would, too. What if allowing more of yourself to be seen and expressed created a greater sense of authority, expanded your ability to create rich relationships and, most of all, led to greater personal and professional success?

At TAI, we know that successful leaders …

  • Know the essential values and drivers they seek to experience
  • Prize being connected and in relationship
  • Know what they want to cause
  • See their impact
  • Seek clarity
  • Risk vulnerability
  • Create meaning for themselves and others