Every day, there are many stories being told in our workplaces. Every anecdote we tell, every strategy we articulate, every policy we implement, is a story unto itself. But only when we weave the tapestry of all those stories together can we begin to experience the meaning of the journey we’re on. That is the fundamental job of leaders – to be the narrators of their businesses. Leaders must listen to individual stories and help everyone identify with the narrative of where the business is headed.

When crafting a Narrative, some of the characteristics of the company included are:


• History/journey
• Direction
Critical junctures
• Successes and challenges
• The grit of experience
• Emotional sweep
• Voice and spirit of the people
• Connection to values
• Character of company

Narrative skill can be developed and is requisite for outstanding leadership. It all begins with story. Stories call up the meaning we crave as human beings. And meaning is an essential nutrient of our lives and our enterprises. We hunger for the leader who first recognizes the meaningfulness of stories and can then weave them together, giving voice to the overarching journey of our lives. Stories taken together form a narrative that is richer and stronger than each of its strands.

Story yields Narrative

Narrative yields Meaning

Meaning yields Alignment

Alignment yields Performance