Speaker Development Programs

Speaker Development programs provide participants with the personalized tools to create real impact with clients and real impact within their own organizations.

Participants will experience the power of being present on stage and will develop the ability to create a relationship with an audience through invitation, imagination, demand and inquiry. They will have the opportunity to rehearse and deliver a presentation. Using The Crafting Tool as a lens, they can reveal the best of themselves to their clients while making their talk come alive.

During this work, through verbal exercises, role-playing and one-on-one coaching, clients will learn how to:

Understand and practice high-impact communication skills, effectively delivering individual messages with lasting resonance and power

Build clear, strong communication with clients and colleagues

Listen and respond authentically to internal and external audiences

Invoke the hearts and minds of their audiences instead of just delivering data points

Infuse personal expression into business interactions

Invite action as a response to their messages

Inject vitality, authenticity and impact into all forms of communication

Leverage their unique personalities and strengths to create compelling communication

Speaker Development programs are designed specifically to meet the needs and circumstances of individual clients. Typically, they are comprised of four to eight four-hour sessions.


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