The TAI Group Virtual University

Practice Makes Permanent

We know from experience that mastering any new skill or capability requires reinforcement and practice. That is why we’ve created TAI YOU®, so that the work you’re doing with us is critically enhanced by following up online – in your own time, at your own pace.

Video-based and highly-interactive, TAI YOU’s  performance modules build on everything you’ve been discovering and learning to date.  Not only will you be reminded of what happened with your coach or in your workshop, you’ll also have the opportunity to gain new perspectives and insights.

Growing Communication® is the premier offering on TAI YOU. It is a highly customized six-module online follow-up to your TAI communications training.  Part of TAI YOU®, this video-based training program includes more than five hours of comprehensive additional learning to support and further develop the fundamentals of high-impact communication.   You choose when to go online and engage.  The result is reinforcement of the approaches learned in the initial live training and as well as a powerful window into new real-world applications of that learning.

Growing Communication® also features bonus content areas such as the art of storytelling in a business setting and the effective use of PowerPoint. Each of the six modules contains three chapters of video training with specific tips and tools. 

Additional customized tools and resources can include:

•Live video conferences and webinars
•Customized forums for communicating with coaches and other participants
•Surveys (pre-and post-workshop)
•Coach blogs and video logs
•Tests and quizzes
•TAI Library list of books/articles tailored to your program
•Project video library of famous speeches, interviews and film clips
•Further libraries of tips and tools

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Along with Growing Communication® comes your one-time personalized membership to TAI YOU®, the virtual university of The TAI Group.  As you engage in other dimensions of our approach to transforming performance, you’ll gain access to other parts of our online world.For companies participating in the TAI Experience, programs are branded with both TAI’s and your company’s name, so this online learning can be integrated into your own training and development program.


*TAI YOU is a SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) compliant, virtual learning environment.