The Tell

Uncover and Follow Your Creative Imperative

Mine your limitless creative resources by uncovering what is deeply meaningful to you in your life, both personally and professionally. Your very personal way of seeing the world holds out a compelling invitation, a creative imperative: What am I seeking to express in my life? What is the impact I would like to make? What is the legacy I would like to create?

The Tell is an intensive personal development program. It is made up of twelve two-hour sessions, facilitated either in person or virtually. The program mixes Socratic dialogue with self-reflective writing and creative assignments. In this program, you will develop an insightful and practical blueprint for how you see the world, what it is you want to create and how to guide yourself in making this happen.

In the words of Allen Schoer, creator of The Tell:

“A Tell is a mound, a hill, sometimes with layers of civilization actually built on top of it; and with layers of debris and dirt built on top of that. It's a potential site of historical activity. There may be buried treasures underneath it.

The Tell is the site to be explored. It's a place of great promise. It's a place of infinite resources, great riches.

Each of us is a Tell site waiting to be explored. Each of us is a site of vast and infinite resources. You are a place of great promise with much buried treasure. This is too compelling an invitation to ignore - better to roll up your sleeves and dig in.”