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An Unexpected Surprise
I didn’t believe an experiential workshop could work for seventy people. I didn’t realize a keynote address could take this shape. I underestimated the appetite of an audience for engagement.
Who’s There? A Leader’s Inner Journey
My coaching clients often use what they practice at TAI to successfully navigate significant transitions in their careers and lives.
The Leader’s Mettle and the Courage to Create
I know that the root of the word courage comes from the French word “coeur” which means “heart,” but I think courage must come from the stomach as well.
“You talking to me?”
Do you remember that iconic scene from the film classic Taxi Driver when DeNiro’s character, Travis Bickle, taunted the image in the mirror?
The Less I Try, the More I Succeed
I’ve been thinking about my personal impact recently and have come to a curious conclusion. My ability to have an impact is inversely proportional to how hard I try to have one.
Moving Your People from Passive Listeners to Protagonists Part 2: Creating Partners
You Just Interrupted Me
Moving Your People from Passive Listeners to Protagonists
How many times have you each stood in front of a group of people and looked out at what seemed to be nothing but blank faces?
The Path to Strength
Presenters, Take Care of Your Audience!
Scrolling through television channels one day, I came upon a famous doctor talking about the ideas in her most recent best-seller. She was addressing a large audience of her biggest fans. I was interested in her subject – I was eager to listen; I tried hard to follow; but after fifteen minutes or so, I gave up. What happened?