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In the last few months, many of our clients are asking us to help them prepare “TED-type” talks.
Core Strengthening
Advice for Presenters: Focus on the Story
I’m lucky to be a consultant. I work with really smart people on really challenging problems that really matter to my clients. But it’s easy to fall into the “let me show you how smart I am” trap
What I Learned on My Summer Vacation: How to Present with Power & Presence
Sue Parente from Tier One Partners shares her experience and lessons learned taking our Communicating with Power & Presence Workshop
It’s Not the Product, It’s the Person
Turning Presentation into Conversation
Tier One Partners' Sue Parente interviews Sandra Carey about the secrets to great public speaking.
5 Questions About…TAI’s Leadership Persona
Developed by Twila Thompson, TAI Partner and Director of European Development, Leadership Persona is a program focused on exploring the unique perspective and personal drivers of high potential employees to develop a whole set of personal insights and practical skills that allow them to move past management into new leadership roles.
No Time Like the Present
Gemma Page Thompson explores the delicate dance we all face in reaching for our dreams while living in the present. What if I did this? Or that? Or nothing?...
Sandra Carey and Storytelling
Sandra Carey, Senior Coach and Account Director, has a deep appreciation for language and the power of words. Her work helping clients excavate their own stories, accessing their humanity and their passion, makes them leaders who can communicate a vision and call their colleagues to action.
5 Questions about…TAI’s “Shining the Apples” Program
Developed by Senior Coach and Account Director Ellen Rievman, Shining the Apples is a program series for high potential leaders within a company.