Three Questions on Work and Meaning

I’m going to ask you three simple questions about work and meaning. 

I think they’re the most important questions you’ll ask yourself in your work life.

But this isn’t a test.  I just want you to be completely honest.

Now, here’s our first question:

Why are you working at your present company?

Our second:

Why are you in this industry?

And finally:

Why now, at this point in your career?

For each question, ask why it’s really important to you. You’ll start recognising some of your core values and principles. It’s these you want to uncover.

You know, there’s a special reason you spend most of your waking hours in the service of your particular business.

It goes way beyond paychecks and benefits. This personal meaning is connected to deep motivations of why you do what you do.  And it goes way beyond just you, too.

Creating meaning at work is the key to overcoming some of the biggest performance challenges businesses face.

Even during the toughest of times, we can uncover shared reasons why we’re here and what we want to create.

Seeing this shared alignment between us, especially when we don’t think it exists, sparks new energy. We get greater collaboration, more accountability, creativity flows and so do better results.

Here’s the formula:

·     Meaning leads to Alignment

·     Alignment leads to Performance

Now, what are your answers to my three questions?

About the Author Graeme Thomson is Director of Strategy at The TAI Group. Visit The TAI Group, like us on Facebook, and follow along on Twitter @TheTAIGroup.