Communication is about creating relationship

A message is only real when others are affected by it. Ideas alone do not move people.  They only come alive through the electricity of human connection.  And that current cultivates an atmosphere of trust, collaboration and partnership.  There’s magic in the space between people.  Because of your unique way of seeing the world, you have something vital to contribute to it.  We will support the development and delivery of those messages.  In the process, you will become an investigator, stimulating imaginations and making a convincing impact.

You will:

• Discover new ways of connecting with your audience
• Learn the art of storytelling
• Weave those stories into compelling narratives
• Inspire action
• Facilitate meaningful discussions


Communicating with Power & Presence
Tools for Highly Effective Communication

Our most popular public program, Communicating with Power and Presence, is for professionals who make presentations, speak in public, lead team meetings and groups, and want to sharpen their communication skills. Whether you are interacting one-on-one, presenting to a small client group, or delivering a keynote address to thousands, Communicating with Power and Presence will enhance your effectiveness dramatically. (For more information, click here)

Speaker Development
Expressing Your Personal Platform in the World

Each of us has an innate ability to inspire an audience, make a connection, command a room and have an impact. You can move beyond the “talking head” – merely delivering content – to become a compelling presence. In our Speaker Development program, you will learn to become more fully yourself – to evoke atmosphere, tone and environment, experiencing yourself as a catalyst, collaborator, and leader rather than simply a conveyor of data. (For more information, click here)

Becoming the Storyteller

In today’s world of information overload, speakers must craft messages full of images that make a lasting impression. They need to connect with dry talking points by adding color and making them personal and relevant. Storytelling can mobilize an audience. It allows leaders to deliver their organizations’ narratives with energy and to create a relationship between themselves and their listeners. (For more information, click here)

What’s The Point?
Using PowerPoint Effectively

Microsoft estimates that there are more than 30 million PowerPoint presentation made each day. The time and cost of delivering poor presentations – for those presenting and for the audience – is staggering. Presenters often depend on slides they feel are more compelling than they are. Or they assume they must follow formats others have used. Often the core message gets lost in too much data and/or visual information.This workshop gives you the insights to transform PowerPoint into a tool that will help rather than hinder your cause. You will learn how to craft clear, relatable messages and slide decks that communicate those message with creativity and impact. You will practice defining your role as the presenter and sharpening your aim for each presentation. (For more information, click here)

Perfect Pitch

Rehearse your team members in their specific roles and present to prospective clients in a unique and creative way. Bring your ideas to life with stories and images that leave a lasting impression. Create trust and credibility and strengthen the presentation skills of everyone on your team to make the sale.

Transforming Difficult Conversations

Turn difficult conversations into opportunities to build better relationships with your listeners, enroll people in your cause, or facilitate a colleague’s growth. Practice structuring dialogue, staying poised and in control, and getting your message across to connect with listeners in new ways.

Effective Facilitation

Step into your next facilitator role at panel discussions or brainstorming sessions with a clearer sense of purpose and understanding.  Fine-tune your listening abilities so you can be both prepared and flexible. Practice techniques that skilled facilitators rely on to create fruitful and productive group dynamics.

Leading Interactive Discussions

Learn how to raise a topic, tell stories to set the context, invite everyone to participate, and pull out  your listeners’ responses. Practice investigating, eliciting, reflecting back and synthesizing  – in other words, become the orchestrator – so that new insights for the entire group arise from the interactions you lead.

Wake Up Call

Use teleconferencing effectively, without wasting time or productivity. Practice visualizing your audience and listening for innuendo to create an atmosphere that simulates a live presentation. Craft, refine and deliver messages that stick, even without the benefit of face-to-face interaction.

The Message and the Messenger

You are called upon to share news and information, set directions and create momentum for them most every day. You have a responsibility to make sure your message is clear and memorable. You want your audience to connect to it and, in turn, to you. This workshop will give you the tools and frameworks to personalize and take ownership of your message and deliver it in many ways to best reach various constituents. Communicate what you want to achieve with specificity, passion and purpose.