Each of us has an innate ability to inspire an audience, make a connection, command a room and have an impact. Each of us has the innate ability to move beyond the “talking head” – merely delivering content – to becoming a compelling presence. In our Speaker Development program, you will learn to become more fully yourself – to evoke atmosphere, tone and environment, experiencing yourself as a catalyst, collaborator, and leader rather than simply as a conveyor of data.

You will learn to:

      • Create and nurture relationships with your audience
      • Improve your impact in any arena – from public settings to small meetings
      • Learn the skills and sensibilities of a trusted adviser – improving client relationships and team leadership skills
      • Discover your unique leadership style and talents, allowing you to accept new challenges, take greater risks, and improve
        partnerships and collaborations
      • Reconnect with principles that originally drew you to your work and your company


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