Diagnostics and Assessments: The TAI Discovery Tools

The TAI Discovery Tools

It’s possible to measure how you and your business are performing on dimensions other than those that show up on the balance sheet.

How well you lead, how well your teams work together and how well you communicate critically affect each other and influence the overall performance of your business at the bottom line. If you have clear and accurate data on these areas, then you can dramatically improve the impact and effectiveness of how you bring about change, as well as make performance improvements sustainable.

TAI has now developed its own suite of tools that measure how you and your teams are doing as leaders, as teams and as communicators. These tools enable us to get a base reading on where your strengths lie – and where there are opportunities to improve and transform critical individual and team competencies.

A base-line reading of these competencies enables TAI to diagnose current capabilities, accurately focus on elements of strength as well as those needing development and track performance improvements over time. Our individually tailored programs will focus on your specific needs.

TAI’s Discovery Tools are administered on paper or online and take as little as 10 minutes to

Critical dimensions

These dimensions are about practical and highly actionable capabilities. By looking directly at how individuals, teams and leaders are doing on these dimensions we can focus directly in what clients need to do to improve. The Discovery Tools should be re-administered regularly (every three to six months) to monitor change and progress, often in conjunction with continuing TAI work.

Leadership:  Presence, Insight, Inspiration, Innovation

Team Performance: Uncovering Alignment, Collaboration, Developing your People, Managing Conflict

Communication: Using Personal Qualities to Enhance Impact, Having Difficult Conversations, Telling Compelling Stories, Leading Interactive Discussions

Business Performance Outcomes

Directly influenced performance outcomes include enhanced:

  • Trust and willingness to take risks
  • Collaboration across the business
  • Focus on tasks and objectives
  • Speed in getting things done
  • Accountability and responsibility
  • Quality and fewer errors
  • Engagement with others and with the mission of the business
  • Spirit and energy


Pricing will be customized depending on client needs. There is a fee for delivery and administration of the tools, which will include a base level of feedback, as well as a separate fee for in-depth feedback with the client where a major individual engagement or business project for teams or large numbers is involved.