What do these challenging times require of you as a leader?

We will help you redefine what leadership means to you.  In the process, you will understand that leadership is an essential expression of your character. You will experience your own leadership style and capabilities emerging as you articulate your vision. We’re dedicated to helping you demonstrate and strengthen those innate resources. 

You will:

• Find your own style, stature, and gravitas
• More successfully meet the demands of this moment
• Inspire others
• Craft a new legacy

TAI Discovery Tools

It’s possible to measure how you and your business are performing on dimensions other than those that show up on the balance sheet.

How well you lead, how well your teams work together and how well you communicate critically affect each other and influence the overall performance of your business at the bottom line.  If you have clear and accurate data on these areas, then you can dramatically improve the impact and effectiveness of how you bring about change, as well as make performance improvements sustainable.

TAI has developed its own suite of tools that measure how you and your teams are doing as leaders and as communicators.  These tools enable us to get a base reading on where your strengths lie – and where there are opportunities to improve and transform critical individual and team competencies. 

A base-line reading of these competencies enables TAI to diagnose current capabilities, accurately focus on elements of strength as well as those needing development and track performance improvements over time.  Our individually tailored programs will focus on your specific needs. (for more information on The TAI Discovery Tool, click here.)

Personal Leadership Development

For corporate leaders needing to develop and enhance specific capabilities and overall effectiveness. Programs are syllabus driven with a developmental arc, therefore participants must be willing to invest time and energy. Completion will shift behaviors that thwart effective leadership.

Our work helps people access their creativity in ways other coaching does not. It helps them practice new skills in a supportive environment and allows them to test those skills in real time with live audiences. Using the TAI Discovery Tools to assess before and after our programs, we can measure and provide hard evidence of that growth. This powerful data helps us build a program that builds upon your strengths as you learn new ways of leading.

Leadership Persona
Discovering gravitas, flexibility and impact

For people who are moving up to the next level of leadership in any organization, executing well on others’ strategies is no longer enough. They need to be able to articulate their own visions and enroll others in it. They must move from “operational” to “inspirational” – as they build trust with senior leaders and with those being led. They must continually expand their scope and repertoire, taking on a greater and greater range of roles, bringing their authentic selves to bear as they manage an impromptu meeting, facilitate a discussion and contribute in any interaction with impact and power. Each leader’s unique voice and personality must come through in a greater range of situations, from cocktail parties to casual encounters, from the lunchroom to the boardroom. In this program, which includes in-depth interviews with each participant and his or her supervisor, 2 group days and 3 private coaching sessions, new and emerging leaders explore their own personal perspectives and key drivers so they can step up fully to inhabit their new “Leadership Persona”. (For more information, click here)

Performing in a Public Environment
Two two-day modules

Gifford Booth and Lord Alan Watson of Richmond

Your company performs on a complex world stage. Your senior executives perform in a complex corporate environment. How can your business leaders speak in the global context while communicating every day in a way that produces results?

This program, held in London at the Corporate Television Network studios, is led by former BBC broadcaster, Alan Watson (CTN) and Gifford Booth (TAI) using the tools of the stage and media to help C Suite and senior executives create compelling corporate narratives. These are then delivered on a variety of platforms –in-person, on stage, through television and radio interviews, via Skype as well as other types of social media channels.

The results are senior leaders who can communicate and lead on a world-class stage.

High Potential Talent Development Program
For the next generation of leaders in your company

Take your potential leaders to the next level in your organization with The High Potential Talent Developmental Program. The program consists of four 4 hour, one-on-one coaching sessions and participation in TAI’s 2-day workshop, Communicating with Power and Presence. (For more information, click here)

Women in Leadership

Women are being promoted into leadership roles and management positions that were not open to them 20 years ago. At the same time, they still face challenges along the career path.  Leadership capabilities such as self-awareness and emotional intelligence are paramount in helping you successfully tread that path.  As you take responsibility for your own development, our work will enhance your presence and stature, clarify your professional direction and path and bring your leadership to the forefront.

Building Narratives

Become the storyteller you always wanted to be. Use stories to shift ideas in the marketplace, connect to others with vitality, and answer tough questions in a new and compelling way. Learn to use the five elements of the “spine of the story” to entertain, educate and inspire.

Sparking Solutions

Help your teams foster a creative environment in which obstacles dissolve and creativity flourishes. Practice active listening skills and the art of drawing out the best ideas your colleagues can offer. Learn to listen for possibilities, address and solve problems, and take meaningful collective action.