Uncover alignment and transform performance

Greater alignment exists in your organization than you may be aware of – or are currently experiencing.  We’re dedicated to revealing and cultivating those foundational synergies by helping your people articulate their essential drivers.  Greater collaboration will follow resulting in heightened, sustainable performance.

We utilize validated diagnostic tools as our starting point and our approach is both holistic and measurement-based. In the process key issues and obstacles are addressed and solved.

Your organization will:

• Collaborate across functions and divisions
• Influence colleagues and customers
• Solve problems quickly
• Increase productivity

• Create innovative environments
• Resolve conflict
• Create a high-performance culture

Leaders and teams – and how well they work together – make all the difference

We have an answer to one of the thorniest problems facing companies today – how to accurately diagnose how leaders and teams are actually behaving in their dynamics together.  Once you can do this with confidence, you can then pinpoint performance variations and guide leaders to improve leadership and team performance, levels of employee engagement and alignment across the enterprise.

TAI has developed its own suite of tools that measure how you and your teams are doing as leaders, as teams and as communicators. The TAI Discovery Tools enable us to get a base reading on where your strengths lie and where there are opportunities to improve and transform critical individual and team competencies. A base-line reading of these competencies enables TAI to diagnose current capabilities, accurately focus on elements of strength as well as those needing development and track performance improvements over time. Our individually tailored programs will focus on your specific needs.

And with our performance diagnostics partner Gap International, we have access to a set of scientifically-validated, web-based diagnostic tools to measure factors critical to organizational health. (For more information, click here)

Team Alignment

Does your team have a powerful creative alignment at its core which is buried by the day-to-day behaviors of seemingly disparate personalities? 

This program uncovers that creative center of any team and automatically leads to better communication, collaboration and tangible results. The Team Alignment process provides extensive personal insights into the drivers and motivations of individual team members and culminates in a powerful group retreat which unifies the team into a creative ensemble. The program includes 4 hours of one-on-one coaching for each team member, an all-day group session and follow-up coaching sessions.

Executive Team Coaching

What is your personal leadership platform? What is your message? What is the corporate narrative? Who is your audience? Who is not? Are you strategic in your communications? Are you having the impact you desire?

These questions are the basis for a coaching program specifically designed to meet your individual goals and desires.

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