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The TAI Group is dedicated to promoting individual creativity, team culture and business performance.  Our experience in business and the performing arts tells us that each of us has a unique way we see the world – our personal “vision” – that informs who we are and how we act in the world.  Turning that vision into action – which is your “artistry” – is critical in stimulating effective leadership and meaningful communication.

When individuals and teams connect powerfully with that personal vision, and express it in what they do, results are transformed.  Our mission is to help you discover and enact the essential drivers that will enable you to change what you think, what you do, and make a positive difference in your world.  Over the past 30 years, we’ve found that this inside-out approach has profound effects on individual and team performance whether in the business, education or political spheres.

Our consulting and training methodology employs the principles used across the performing arts which promote effective communication and powerful impact.  We take the learning process “out of your mind and into your body,” so you learn to think and behave differently through direct experience. Like an athlete trains, you practice new patterns of behavior until they take hold and become ingrained.  We combine these principles with the disciplines of diagnostics and assessments to get you quickly to the heart of individual and organizational challenges.

Working with leaders and teams, we consult, train and develop for high performance in large and small organizations throughout the world.  Our clients include manufacturers, IT firms, banks and other financial services businesses, retailers, resource companies, and academic institutions.  Partnering with academic institutions and other consulting firms, we also remain committed to pushing the boundaries of our methodologies and practice.


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