Founded in New York in the late 1970s, The TAI Group’s original dedication was to help artists rejuvenate their creativity while pursuing their careers.  The company’s original founders, including current CEO Allen Schoer, and his partners, Gifford Booth and Twila Thompson, were performers, writers, directors and producers themselves and knew the profound importance of tapping into their own creative resources.

The workshops proved so popular, and the results so profound, the work quickly spread to the West Coast of the USA, London, and as far as Israel.  Actors started recommending the programs to “civilians”, and by the early 1990s our unique methodology was being used by a growing number of US businesses, primarily to develop internal communications and train outstanding public speakers.

Best-selling business author and strategic thinker George Stalk then provided us with the client insight instrumental in propelling us fully into the world of business performance. As we worked with George and his colleagues at The Boston Consulting Group, he realized the full impact of our unique approach.

“You haven’t told us the truth about what your work really does,” he told Allen.

“How so?” Allen responded.

“You said this program was going to make us better speakers, but what you didn’t tell me was how this is uniquely relevant to every aspect of our business,” said George.

This crucial insight opened our eyes to the impact we could have across business sectors.  It also prompted our specific focus on the challenges of leadership and team effectiveness.  That focus, as it broadened into larger-scale consulting engagements, resulted in us seeking other tools and approaches, including diagnostics and assessments, which increase the impact of our work.  Now, that work encompasses consulting, developmental programs and training with a wide range of businesses and institutions worldwide.  As the pace of the digital age has increased we have also developed capabilities to develop and deliver messages across a broad spectrum of channels.  This broadening of the scope and impact of our work has also led to changes in our own organization.

We continue to respond to those leaders who want to craft more compelling narratives for their organizations, grow the next generation of leaders, foster creative cultures and promote innovative organizations.

And while a background in the performing arts remains a core element in the backgrounds of our recruits, we are increasingly hiring from other disciplines including psychology, management consulting, human resources, marketing and the business world at large.

Passionate about cultivating creativity, we appreciate the partnerships we develop with clients and are proud of the results we generate.