Allen Schoer, Founder and Chairman of The TAI Group, is a leading thinker and practitioner on the topics of leadership, organizational and cultural alignment, and business performance.  His consulting is rooted in the investigation of creativity, vision, meaning and character.  His perspectives are based upon his work in the theatre as actor, director and producer, along with his experiences in other disciplines.  Allen has built a business and a practice that has successfully transformed both leaders and teams in multinational corporations.


Allen’s clients include Fortune 500 company CEOs, senior executives, educators and politicians. The breadth of his work includes:

•CEO support and succession planning

•Investing in the development of future leaders

•Promoting alignment by uncovering values and principles in key stakeholders yielding creative collaborations, strategies and outcomes

•Creating leadership communication strategies that foster cultural unity

•Supporting the development, articulation and implementation of overarching company narrative 

•Character development for senior team leaders leading to organizational transformation

•Post-merger integration

•Real time consulting to CEO and C suite teams dealing with turnaround issues

 Allen believes that uncovering a unique personal vision is one of the most valuable assets leaders can bring to their work.  This vision is the foundation for innovation, communication, character development and improved productivity.  He has been featured in print and online in such publications as Fast Company, The Huffington Post, Forbes, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal. His most recent articles have focused on the role of CEO as narrator-in-chief.

 Allen holds an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from his undergraduate alma mater, the State University of New York at Potsdam, and a Master’s Fine Arts degree from Ohio University.

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