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Bertand Russell                 Catholic School Girls – Elizabeth                 Churchill – blood, toil, tears and sweat
Clarence Darrow                 Emile Zola                 Franklin Delano Roosevelt – Day of Infamy
Franklin Delano Roosevelt – The Four Freedoms                 Frederick Douglass                 General Bernard Montgomery
George Wallace                 George Washington – On Mutiny                 George Washington – First Inaugural Address
Guiseppe Garibaldi                 Henry V – Once More into the Breach                 Henry V – Saint Crispin Day
Jack from The Family Man                 Joan from Saint Joan                 John Brown
Knute Rockne, All American                 Maggie from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof                 Mahatma Gandhi
Mark Twain – Votes for Women                 Proclamation of the Irish Republic                 Queen Elizabeth I
Ronald Reagan in Berlin                 Sojourner Truth                 Speech to the Iriquois Six Nations
The New Ownership of Corporate America                 Two for the Seesaw – Gittel                 We Go to Liberate
William Garrison                 Winston Churchill – Battle of Britain