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A Man for All Seasons - Cromwell     Chandler     Our Town - Stage Manager - short monologue     Spoon River - Harry Williams     The Sleeper of the Valley     You are reading too fast
A Story about Chicken Soup     Dog- Beethoven - Collins     Our Town - Stage Manager - Wedding Scene 2     Spoon River - Ida Frickey     This is just to say    
A Study of Reading Habits     EDMUND - Long Day's Journey into Night     Our Town - Stage Manager - Wedding     Spoon River - Judge Selah     Toni Morrison Nobel Lecture      
Ali the wonder Boy     EE Cummings - I thank you God     Pablo Neruda -Keeping Quiet     Spoon River - Mrs. Williams     Travels with Charley          
Buried Child - Shepard     EE Cummings - If everything happens that can't be done     Pablo Neruda -Tonight I can write     Spoon River - Nancy Kemp     Under Milkwood - First Voice          
Candle Hat - Collins     EE Cummings - It may not always be so     Pablo Neruda -Walking Around     Spoon River - Petit the Poet     Under Milkwood 2          
Carl Sandburg - AT  A  WINDOW     EE Cummings - My father moved through dooms of love     PATSY from The Rimers of Eldritch     Stanley Kunitz - Halley's Comet     Under Milkwood 3          
Carl Sandburg - BUNDLES     If by Rudyard Kipling     Richard The Second     Stanley Kunitz - The Round     Under Milkwood 4          
Carl Sandburg - Hope is a Tattered Flag     King Henry V     Somewhere     Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening     Vince from Buried Child by Sam Shepard          
Carl Sandburg  - I am the People     Martin Luther King - I have been to the mountaintop     Spoon River - Abel Melvenev     The Corn is Green - Miss Moffat     Walt Whitman - Beat Beat Drums          
Carl Sandburg - Joy     Morte d'Arthur     Spoon River - Mrs. Kessler     The Corn is Green -Morgan     Walt Whitman - City of Ships          
Carl Sandburg - MAG     My Papa's Waltz     Spoon River - Archibald Higbie     The iconography of Hell and Our Guilt     Walt Whitman - I sit and Look out          
Carl Sandburg - Shirt     Nadine Gordimer - Nobel Lecture     Spoon River - Dora Williams     The Inaugural Poem     Walt Whitman - We Too          
Carl Sandburg - Skyscraper     Our Town - Stage Manager - Cemetery     Spoon River - Elijah Browning     The Potato Fire - Grass     White Fang - London