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Gifford has spent the past 30 years guiding business leaders in leadership and personal effectiveness. Many of his engagements in the United States and Europe have focused on changing culture and creating effective teams in both large organizations and complex family businesses. His client engagements include:

• ThyssenKrupp Academy (“Performing in a Public Environment”) in collaboration with Lord Alan Watson of Richmond, the Chairman of The Corporate Television Network, London. Ongoing since 2009.

• Pearson Clinical’s CEO and executive leadership team. Ongoing individual and group support since 2008.

• Working with the CEO and senior executive team of Harcourt Assessments, Gifford co-led a major culture change project through intensive individual and group mentoring, coaching and personal performance support. This year-long project resulted in dramatic improvement in financial and management performance of HA prior to its acquisition by Pearson in late 2007.

• At Hoare and Co, UK’s oldest family-owned private bank, Gifford led a two-year intervention to create a functional 11th-generation executive team. His work involved ongoing mentoring, coaching and management strategy support.

• Gifford has worked with numerous senior partners of The Boston Consulting Group through personal development mentoring and speaker development coaching.

• With the British Conservative Party, Gifford led shadow front bench mentoring and speaker development programs.

• Gifford led a comprehensive team development programs for UBS Wealth Management International's senior management group, including workshops conducted concurrently on two continents.

• Gifford provided executive coaching and speaker development work for the number two executive at Merrill Lynch Brokerage.

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