Mickey Stein oversees accounts payables, cash flow and payroll for TAI.   She is a liaison with the company’s CPA and CFO.  Mickey has been part of every stage of TAI’s metamorphosis.  Mickey came to TAI to do a workshop or two and has stayed for 30+ years. 

Mickey’s career began after graduating from Brooklyn College with a degree in business and accounting.  She worked in advertising for a clothing manufacturer.  After marrying her husband of 56 years now, Mickey raised two children and worked part time as a tax preparer in a business that specialized in tax, insurance and real estate.  Mickey received advanced training in tax preparation and, over time, has created a thriving private practice built solely on the recommendations of her satisfied clients.  She tells wonderful stories about a small side business she ran breeding and raising French poodles.

Mickey is the mother of two, grandmother of two, an active member of her faith community and a world traveler.  She is known at TAI for her soft shoulder, receptive ear, and the best hugs in town.