“When TAI offered to coach to become better hosts at TEDxTeachersCollege, I was dubious of the effectiveness of their support. But it did make a difference. The importance to build stories connected with passion, and being true to yourself when sharing them gave me a greater confidence when stepping into the stage. I’m grateful for the unique support to make our event even better.”

Octavio Lizama, host at TEDxTeachersCollege ’12.

Over the years, I’ve hosted many events and never reflected on my ability to do so effectively. “Good enough” was always just that: good enough! When I was asked to serve as a host for the TEDxTeachersCollege event, I knew the stakes were higher. Thanks to the complimentary training provided by TAI, I found out what it really means to host–being present and connecting authentically with the audience. I really struggled at first to break down the barriers I had been building between myself and the audience. TAI’s exercises make you feel vulnerable, but at the same time challenge you to feel more alive. In the end, connecting with your true self as a presenter enables you to harness the audience’s energy and build an environment that is engaging and dynamic. My only regret is that the training and coaching eventually had to come to an end! But, thankfully, I’m a better person as a result.”
 Molly Hamm, host at TEDxTeachersCollege ’12.