Michael Hansen talks about his work with TAI when CEO of a large US educational testing and assessment company. The impact of TAI's work at the human behavioral level, along with the operational changes made, led to a significant company turnaround in one year.
Why TAI?           How did TAI support your turnaround?           How does it work?
Mark Sirower is a partner at one of the world's largest accounting firms and author of The Synergy Trap, a best-selling business book on why mergers and acquisitions often fail. He is also a professor at the Stern School of Business at NYU.
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“On this journey, I not only became a better speaker but maybe even a little better person.”

 -Bill Eggers
Director, Deloitte Research

“It’s the most enriching experience that I have ever gone through.  Whatever success I derive from my future communications/presentations will always be because of what you have taught us, in a small or big way.”

-Jamilah Hashim

“They made me feel – palpably- how technique is the enemy of real connection, how exposing your real self is the goal and not the obstacle.”

 -Philip Evans
Author of Blown to Bits

 “A prestigious speakers bureau told me about TAI. I was stunned at what a difference it made in my presentations.  Now I connect with live audiences.”

 - Michael Lee Stallard
President, E Pluribus Partners
Author of Fired Up or Burned Out


 “From the first meeting I knew I had selected the best … That judgment is proved correct every time I speak. The positive feedback tells me I am getting my message across.” 

 -Phyllis Taylor
Chairman and CEO, Taylor Energy 


“Before working with TAI, I shied away from leadership challenges.  Now I walk into them.”

- Alexander Hoare,
CEO, Hoare and Co

“I have worked with many coaches…I find what TAI does more genuine and more effective than other approaches.”

-Carl Stern,
Former Chairman, Boston Consulting Group

“It was not until I had the opportunity to work with … TAI that I understood how much more there was to learn and how much I could improve.”

-General Walt Boomer
Former Commander, US Marines
Former Chairman and CEO, Rogers Corporation

 “TAI provided a refreshing environment and highly effective approach to leadership development unlike the more traditional “Corporate America” offerings many of us had previously experienced.”

 -Tina Ruggiero
Director, Strategy, Business Analytics and Solutions
Merrill Lynch 

Team Performance

“We have worked with TAI on development and articulation of the strategic direction of Bertelsmann in several fields.  As our relationship has deepened, so has the impact of TAI’s work.”

-Michael Hansen
Former Head of Strategy, Bertelsmann

“They have given us permission to ask fundamental questions and come up with new answers from within.”

-Kerry Preete
Head of Marketing for the Americas, Monsanto