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Set the stage for big-time collaboration, innovation and productivity.

Without a strong percussion section, a band can lose its rhythm. The same is true of organizations when the teams that drive them struggle. When trust is breached and conflict goes unresolved, accountability to task and team diminishes, and dysfunction sets in. The antidote? Connect team members to the stories, values and drivers that unite them.


Pitch perfect

Move from product to solution-based relationships

Sales teams learn to partner with clients to resolve business problems and create sales crescendos.

Take the lead

The plot thickens

Resolve conflicts and create safe environments

Team members share talents, take risks and challenge ideas, strengthening trust and elevating innovation.

Set the stage

Who tells your story?

Build reputation

A branded team enhances connection with each other and stakeholders, creating credibility and influence.

Move the crowd

Case study

Pitch perfect and fully in snyc

When growth plateaued, an international Fortune 500 company’s rebrand required a new way of interacting with customers. The CEO asked us to transform the sales team of technicians from order-takers to solution-focused consultants.

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